A history of

pioneering acts.

It all started with the courage to try something new

Bentlage has 90 years of company history to look back on. What is special about Bentlage as a company is the courage to try new things. Going independent in 1928, between two world wars, took courage. Friedrich Bentlage was prepared to take the risk. Today, our company has expertise acquired from a long tradition that allows it to continue to overcome new challenges.

Bentlage’s pioneering spirit started early on, when Friedrich Bentlage opened up a new business area by founding the company: the printing of decals using lithography, which became hugely successful thanks to their versatility.


The success story continues.

With the knowledge that courage and pioneering work are practically embedded in the company’s roots, Bentlage today offers its customers a broad spectrum of services, from offset and screen printing, letterpress and flexographic printing to digital printing and modern processes such as in-mould labelling and doming. Not only that, but today it also focuses much more on comprehensive solutions, process optimisations and services. This makes Bentlage a sympathetic knowledge centre: large enough for market leaders, but also small enough to deal with each customer with the same level of appreciation and personal care and with its full range of skills.

1928Friedrich Bentlagefounds the company
1948Heinz-Georg Bentlage,son of Friedrich Bentlage, joins the company’s management
1965Arnold Hettlage,son-in-law of
Friedrich Bentlage, joins the company’s management
since 1995Christopher Hettlage,grandson of Friedrich Bentlage, and, since 2004, Brigitte Alers have managed the business

Creating new visions.

Bentlage does not rest on its laurels. The desire both to constantly develop and to acquire and inspire customers with expertise, quality and state-of-the-art products is part of our corporate DNA. There is no road too long and no task too big. This has not only provided Bentlage with a large base of regular customers, but also made it into a robust business with continuous growth.

Since 1995 Christopher Hettlage, grandson of Friedrich Bentlage, has been in charge of the company. He has done so since 2004 with the support of Brigitte Alers, who founded bsb-label and has been working in the roll label business for over 30 years. The mission of both directors is to work together to think about the future and to help their own customers to make progress – as initiators of challenging technical and decorative labelling and signage solutions.

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